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Bricks, Brick Cladding, Stone, Natural Stone, Glass, whatever product you need to source and specify Vitruvian Architectural Spefication can help you to find you the right product for your project, within budget.

As an Architect or Architectural Professional, join our communities on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or Linkedin, where you can swap and share the latest Architectural news, information, stories, opinions, and best practices with each other. 

Vitruvian is also your source for specification product knowledge, bringing you reviews on the latest and most innovative products available for specification on all manor of types of projects and builds across the UK.

Consider the Environmental Impact of your Specification: When specifying it is all too easy to simply focus on the actual product itself and its suitability for your more

Is it possible to build a sustainable retail store?: Marks and Speencers new retail store on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield was entirely built and designed as a pilot 'sustainable' retail outlet. All aspects of the more

Eco Home in Kent: You may recognise this Eco Self Build by Architect Richard Hawkes in Kent as it was featured in an episode of Grand Designs P`cked full of interesting Eco and environmental measures, some relatively traditional now, others relatively more

Micro Homes! Japan struggles for space, which means that plots are much smaller, interestingly though this has led to some unique architecture as Architects add unique flair and more

Environmental Influence on Architecture: So exactly how does the Environment imopact on Architecture and how do the two work together. We mean much more than sustainability and green architecture, we mean how can the two really work and influence each more

Architectural Glass: The use of Glass in Architecture is far reaching and can mean many different things to different people, to different Architects, and to different situations and more

Winners revealed at the World Architecture Fesitval 2013: The winners have been revealed at the World Architecture Festival 2013 Awards in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. An art gallery in Auckland, New Zealand, has been designated the World Building of the more

150 Years of the London Underground: This year celebrates the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, the world’s first metro system, with the first trains running on more

Green LED Downlights for Commercial Use: Specifiying lighting can no longer be as straightforward as before. You MUST now consider the green attributes of the lighting that you specify. LED lighting in commercial situations can vastly redeuce the power used and improve the efficiency of more

Sheffield Council plans to forge ahead with 600m City Centre Redevelopment itself: Plans for a new Sheffield city centre retail quarter are set to go ahead – after councillors vowed to go it alone without a private developer. But Sheffield more

Cutting Edge Architecture for Birmingham Books: The new Library of Birmingham opens on the 3rd September is believed to be Europe's largest public library. But despite striking modern more

Brick Slips can be specified for use with numerous cladding systems: In order to reach the eficiency, cost guidelines, and fast track build that you require, it is now often advantageuos to specify a brick slip cladding system as opposed to a traditional brick and block more

World Class Badminton Centre Opens: Work is underway to build a new specialist badminton centre in Newcastle’s West End which could help to produce a new generation of Olympic stars on more

Changing a Specification on site: One thing that we get asked a lot to do is to change a specification. This normally follows the same kind of story - the Architect has specified lets say a brick type that he wants to help create the design that he has been tasked to more

The conversion of an old derelict cement works into a stunning architectural home: From the outside this is an old rundown cement factory, but just step inside! Architect Ricardo Bofill discovered The Cement Factory in 1973, it was completely abandoned and partially in ruins. It couldn’t have looked like much, but Ricardo saw its true more

Lignacite launches first 'Carbon Neutral' block: MASONRY products manufacturers Lignacite have launched the world’s first carbon-negative building block. Named ‘The Carbon Buster’, the new building block from Lignacite is a British innovation, which has been developed by the company in partnership with Carbon8 Aggregates, using their award winning Accelerated Carbonation more

Spectacularly Designed Homes: A collection of some of the most spectacularly designed homes in the UK and around the world instunning locations. Some use traditional building products such as wood and stone, others introduce more contemporary more

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